decorative steampunk gear floor-standing clock

Chantilly Steampunk Vintage White Floor Standing Clock


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Product Description

Reflecting the design and distinction of clocks historically found in the town square, this decorative timepiece will bring an element of distinction to any space by offering a timeless, vintage look.

This artfully weathered metal floor clock stands gracefully on a curvy winged-pattern pedestal atop which sits the round vintage-gold face. The distinguishing, eye catching feature of this clock is the bold steampunk mechanical moving gears that are set in constant motion.

Add it to the living room or use it as a decorative statement in your hallway, this unique timepiece will not fail to impress onlookers.

Product Specifications:
Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Battery (AA)
35 35 160 5 2 + 1

Additional Information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 350 x 350 x 160 mm


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